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The Importance of Therapy During & After the Divorce

Post-Divorce Therapy

If you’re currently going through a divorce or will soon be entering into the process, then it’s easy for your thoughts to be consumed by money, assets, your children, legal bills, and everything else. However, once the court case has been closed and the assets distributed, there’s a very important person that you need to start thinking more about: you.

Many people – especially the ones who initiate the divorce – assume that finalizing the divorce is the biggest hurdle to the entire process. Not so. Once the divorce is complete – if not before – it’s crucial that you turn your attention to getting therapy sessions that can help you work though your emotions. Even if you feel generally positive about the divorce, you can still benefit from post-divorce therapy.

3 Reasons Why Therapy After a Divorce is Essential

  1. We are all blind to certain things about our relationships and ourselves. By talking through your divorce, one-on-one, with a professional therapist, you might gain new insight into who you are as a person. This new insight can help you build better relationships in the future.
  2. A therapist can give you insight into your own grieving process. Even if you’re happy about the divorce, your new life is going to be a big change – one that requires some serious adjustment. Getting assistance from a therapist can make the grieving process more meaningful and directed, allowing you to continue on with your life.
  3. When you get a divorce, your relationship with your former spouse isn’t the only thing that changes. Relationships with your children, spouse’s mutual friends, former in-laws, and maybe even your own family will be different. A therapist will help you learn how to deal with these unique situations independently.

Before enlisting the services of a Colorado divorce law firm, we recommend seeking out marriage counseling for you and your spouse. If the time for counseling has past, then therapy for yourself is essential. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about how we can help you find appropriate post-divorce therapy in the Denver area.


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