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The Art of Communication: Talking to Your Spouse Through the Divorce (Part 1)

Divorce is never in anybody’s life plan. However, there are some circumstances in which divorce is the only way to move forward with one’s life. In this blog post and the next one, we’re going to cover some communication tactics that you and your spouse can use throughout the divorce process. If you follow these rules and guidelines of communication, your odds of an amicable and agreeable divorce are much higher.

Divorce couple not talking

Even if – and especially if – you and your spouse are not on good communication terms, we recommend forwarding them this two-part series. With the information contained below, you can slowly make your way toward having a strong, open line of communication.

Don’t Talk in Highly-Emotional States

When you’re highly emotional, even the most “unemotional” topics about your divorce can blow up into heated arguments. If you’ve had a long, stressful workweek, don’t agree to a discussion of the divorce at dinner on Friday night. If you’ve recently learned about infidelity or financial mismanagement, don’t discuss those topics until you’ve had a chance to cool down.

Talk in Public Areas

Assuming you and your spouse are already separated, keep discussions to public areas like coffee shops, parks, and shopping malls. Avoid being in one another’s private spaces. When you have a discussion in a public area, you’re much less likely to shout or say something that you might later regret.

Avoid Conversations in Front of Kids

This is perhaps the most important issue on the list: avoid conversations in front of your children. Children pick up on much more than you might think, even the younger ones. While you absolutely should be talking about your divorce with your children, you and your spouse should not talk about it with each other in front of the kids.

Check out the next installment of this blog series for three more communication tips.


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