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 Spousal Support Alimony

Before or during divorce proceedings, if divorcing parties can come to an agreement regarding alimony or spousal support, that agreement will stand; however, what is more likely in contentious divorces is that conflicting parties can not agree on alimony payments, which means that the matter will have to be determined by a family court judge. If you find yourself in a divorce and disputing future alimony payments with your former partner, it will be critical that you secure experienced legal representation to ensure that your interests and needs are fully protected.

The Colorado divorce and alimony lawyers at Mike Hulen, PC are skilled litigators who are committed to championing our Clients’ interests at every step of the divorce process. While we will try to resolve matters involving spousal support through mediation or other less expensive means, our Colorado family law attorneys are always ready to go to court and aggressively defend our Clients’ rights if and when necessary. Whether you are striving to secure alimony, you can not get a former partner to agree to the amount of spousal support or you need to modify alimony payments, our trusted family lawyers can help you navigate through the legal process and achieve the best possible outcome to your case.

Facts about Spousal Maintenance Payments

Also referred to as maintenance or spousal maintenance, alimony may be temporary, which means that it only lasts through the course of the divorce proceedings, or more permanent for some stated period of time after the divorce. Because the state of Colorado sees spousal support as a rehabilitative payment that is meant to help one party get a job (or learn skills to get a job), these payments are rarely “permanent” (and are typically only made to be permanent in cases of serious illness or older age). Some of the factors that will play a role how a family court judge will allocate alimony payments include:

  • How long the marriage lasted (with spousal support generally lasting for longer periods of time when the marriage has lasted longer)
  • The paying spouse’s capacity to pay alimony and his/her income
  • The supported spouse’s financial status, as well as his/her age, general health and ability to earn a living
  • The standard of living maintained during the marriage

Spousal maintenance payments will usually end when the supported spouse remarries; alternatively, these payments can be altered at any time during the term of alimony if there is a change one spouse’s circumstances – such as the paying spouse loses his job.

Given how complex matters associated with alimony can be – and how much divorcing parties can stand to lose if their interests are not properly represented, it’s vital that those dealing with spousal support issues work with the trusted Colorado family law and alimony attorneys at Mike Hulen, PC. Contact our trusted Colorado family lawyers at (303) 932-8666. We can provide you with experienced legal advice and guidance that will give you optimal chances of obtaining the best possible outcomes to your spousal support issues.