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Parenting Plans & Visitations

The attorneys at Mike Hulen, PC have many years of experience working with families to establish parenting plans. They understand the legal requirements and can streamline the process so that parents can focus on what is best for their child rather than navigating the court system. Hulen and Leutwyler give each client personal attention to ensure that they file a comprehensive parenting plan. Contact Mike Hulen, Attorney at Law, at 303-932-8666 for a free consultation to help you develop a parenting plan.

Colorado Parenting Plans

“Parenting plan” is a term for a document the Colorado family courts require in cases of a divorce, third party custody transfer, or other child custody agreement. In short, it is a written document that records the parents’ agreement, or the court’s requirement, for issues such as visitation amounts and times, child support payments, and mothers’ rights and fathers’ rights. Parenting plans can help solve questions such as:

  • Which holidays with the child spend with which parent?
  • How much child support will be paid and when is it due?
  • Which parent will be responsible for big decisions like choosing schools, religious choices, and medical decisions?
  • How will the child spend weekends and summers when not in school?
  • How will the parents split medical, dental, educational, and other expenses?

In Colorado, the courts generally assume that small decisions will be made by the parent in present custody of the child and in the best interests of the child. For example, if a child is with her mother and needs to go to the doctor, most parenting plans for joint custody arrangements say that the mother could take her child directly to the doctor’s office, but that she should inform the father as soon as possible.

Filing a Parenting Agreement

Parenting plans can be filed in three primary ways:

  • With the full agreement and signatures of both parents (full joint parenting plans);
  • With the signatures of both parents but with record of some issues on which they disagree (partial joint parenting plans)
  • Or by one parent if the other parent refuses to participate (parenting plan prepared by one party).

Details of parenting plans can be mandated by the family court, or prepared by the parents together, often with the help of mediation. Michael Hulen, C.P., is a trained mediator who can help parties agree on the details of a parenting plan without court intervention.

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Parenting plans are an important tool for parents to agree on the details of how their children will be parented. For a free consultation regarding parenting plans and visitations, or minor/major modifications to parenting plans, call Mike Hulen, Attorney at Law, today at 303-932-8666 or contact us online for attentive, respectful legal counsel that takes your unique situation into account.