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Single Mothers’ Rights in Colorado

Raising a child as a single mother is very challenging in today’s society. From financial hardships to focusing on raising the child, single mothers have a lot on their plates. Fortunately, mothers have rights that protect their interests as well as the well being of the child. Divorce is an emotionally stressful time, but raising your child doesn’t have to be an additional stress. Mothers’ rights in Colorado ensure that you are given the tools needed to raise your child successfully.Single Monther Rights

Mothers’ rights include:

  • Custody. Often times, child custody is given to the parent who is most able to raise the child or is more emotionally attached. While this isn’t always the case, the child’s best interest is ultimately what determines who gets custody.
  • Child support. Raising a child can be very expensive. Since single mothers have to juggle a myriad of responsibilities, it can be difficult to earn enough money. You have the right to child support to ensure that you and your child have the means to live.
  • Parenting time. If the mother isn’t named the custodial parent, then she is entitled to visitation – or parenting time. To ensure that the child develops fully, it’s essential that both parents are involved and that mothers are given the opportunity to invest in their child.

While the Court is deciding the legal fate of the child, it’s vital that the mother’s rights are represented. At Mike Hulen, PC, we have years of experience working in family law matters and ensuring that all parties are fairly represented.

Who Gets Custody?

Ultimately, custody is about what is best for the child. Mothers who are involved in their children’s lives are more likely to win the custody battle. Furthermore, to win custody, mothers must show that the child wants to live with them. Whether it’s because of her parenting style or the way she looks after the child’s interests such as education, mothers have to show why they deserve custody.

A good attorney will help showcase the mother’s rights and why she deserves to be the custodial parent. Mitigating complexities such as custody require the experience of family law attorneys who know how to obtain the best possible results.

Helping the Mother Succeed

To ensure that the child is raised properly and that every need is met, it’s crucial that mothers’ rights are acknowledged and met. By assisting the mother and helping her succeed as a single mother, we are also helping the child succeed in the long-term. Whether it’s fighting for the custody of your child or helping you receive the child support you and your child deserve, our attorneys at Mike Hulen, PC are passionate about settling these sensitive family matters. Contact us at (303) 932-8666.