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Major or Minor Modifications of Parenting Plans

Michael Hulen, C.P. is a Colorado family and divorce lawyer experience in helping families negotiate and implement custody agreements. He specializes in a variety of custody issues, including major and minor modifications of parenting plans.

Parenting Plans in Colorado

“Parenting plans” is a term for custody agreements that are negotiated by parents and approved by the Colorado Family Court. Most custody agreements in Colorado require that a formal parenting plan be filed, usually with both parties’ signatures. Parenting plans sometimes require a hearing. Different types of parenting plans include:

  • Full joint parenting plans, which are mutually agreed upon and signed by both parents;
  • Partial joint patenting plans, which are signed by both parents but may contain some disagreement; and
  • Parenting plans prepared by one party, which have only one signature.

Modification to a parenting plan requires official paperwork, which can be quite complex. Michael Hulen and Ben Leutwyler are familiar with the process and can help explain it to their clients in a way that is easy to understand.

Modifying Parenting Plans

Many parents decide mutually to modify parenting plans and visitations for their convenience or for an outside reason. For example:

  • If one parent moves, the parenting plan might require modification to allow the child to travel to visit that parent for a longer period of time;
  • If a child develops a medical condition or a special need, the parenting plan may need to change to indicate which parent has decision-making power around that need; or
  • If one parent has a change in work or schedule, the parenting plan may need to change so that the visitation hours do not conflict with that parent’s working hours.

Minor changes to a parenting plan can usually be accomplished quickly. However, Mike Hulen, PC are also experienced in negotiating major changes to a parenting plan. Examples of a major change to a parenting plan might be:

  • If one parent moves to add a spouse or partner to the plan;
  • If one parent requests more visitation or holiday time; or
  • If a child of an appropriate decision-making age asks the parents to change the agreement.

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Mike Hulen, PC are established family lawyers with experience with both major and minor changes to parenting plans. If you need help changing a parenting plan, contact us online or give us a call at 303-932-8666. Hulen and Leutwyler offer a free one-hour consultation for first-time clients and are standing by to answer your questions.