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High Net Worth Divorces in Colorado

The higher the net worth, the higher the financial stakes for both parties in the midst of a divorce. Dividing assets, property settlements, and financial support suddenly become complicated when high net worth assets are involved. Though the law in Colorado requires that marital property be equally distributed after a divorce, long-term financial impacts concerning specific assets are considered.

High net worth Divorce Denver

Issues that complicate a high net worth include:

To ensure that your rights and assets are protected, trust Colorado family law attorneys who are experienced in handling high net worth divorces. At Mike Hulen, PC, our goal is to optimize your chances of acquiring the best possible outcome.

Assets in Divorce

In Colorado, the law aims to distribute marital property in an equal manner. However, it’s possible that one spouse is put at a financial advantage while the other one isn’t as lucky. An experienced attorney will consider all of the hidden assets that can appear in a high net worth divorce.

Assets to be considered include:

  • Cash and traveler’s checks
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Insurance policies
  • Property such as jewelry, vehicles, etc

If these properties were acquired during the marriage, then they could be potential assets that can be divided during the divorce. The potential value of hidden assets in a high net worth divorce should not be overlooked. If you are worried that not all assets are being considered, then trust the expertise of an experienced Colorado family lawyer to assist you. After all, a high net worth divorce can sometimes seem more like dismantling a business than a relationship. There’s no need to face the battle for what you deserve alone.

Long-Term Considerations

When the assets are being distributed, the long-term financial benefits are considered to ensure that both parties receive equal compensation. Investment portfolios and real estate properties, for instance, have different financial values in the short and long terms. How those investments are expected to develop over time is something that must be considered. Unlike a typical divorce, the distribution of assets is similar to commercial litigation.

It’s vital that the future earning capacity is understood as the assets are divided. Though Colorado requires equitable distribution, it is possible for assets to be hidden and investment portfolios mishandled. To increase your chances of obtaining what you deserve in your high net worth divorce, trust the expertise of Mike Hulen, PC. Our family attorneys are experts in Colorado law and high net worth divorces. Contact us at (303) 932-8666.