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Protecting Fathers’ Rights in Colorado

Divorce is painful time for many parents, especially when the custody of children is in play. While Colorado law is gender neutral, fathers aren’t always given equal rights, especially when some courts continue to favor mothers over fathers. Fathers can be treated unequally on a variety of issues including:Father and Son

  • Child custody. Both parents deserve to have the opportunity to establish a relationship with their child, but fathers are often shorted on both custody and visitation rights. Research has documented that children develop to be stronger psychologically, socially, and academically if their fathers are emotionally involved.
  • Child support. It can be extremely difficult for fathers facing financial hardship to meet the child support expectations. It’s vital for the father to be able to receive an adjustment or modification of child support orders if he cannot financially provide.
  • Marriage status. Unwed fathers also have the Constitutional right to have a parental relationship with their children.

Visitation Time for the Father

Parenting time, otherwise known as visitation, is the center of fathers’ rights. While the mother may be deemed the legal custody of the child, the father should never feel like a “visitor.” Even if they are the non-custodial parent, fathers deserve the right to parenting time and being emotionally invested in the lives of their children. The Court has the right to determine:

  • Where the child will reside
  • Where vacations and holidays will be spent
  • Who gets custody of the child

During this process, it’s vital that the father’s rights are represented so that he gets the best benefits possible. Mike Hulen, PC works to ensure that fathers are treated fairly even if they aren’t named the primary caretaker.

Child Support Rights

Financing a child is complicated business, especially after a divorce. It is often the responsibility of the father to pay child support after the separation. While the Court determines the amount and frequency of payments, fathers do have their own rights and interests to protect.

Situations can change very quickly, requiring the father to ask for a modification of child support orders. If the mother doesn’t agree to the modification request, the father has the option to bring the appeal to court. The father is protected if any of the following situations arise:

  • Sudden change of employment status
  • Medical or health complications
  • Change of the cost of living

Fighting for Your Rights

Regardless of your situation, it’s important to ensure that your rights as a father are represented in the courtroom. Every father deserves to be involved in the life of his child and no father should be financially abused. To receive family legal advice that can be trusted, contact our Colorado family law attorneys at (303) 932-8666.