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Domestic Violence in Colorado

Allegations of domestic violence are extremely grave matters, as Colorado law takes these charges very seriously. What may be even more disturbing than the possible penalties associated with domestic violence convictions are the facts that:

  • At times, one party of a divorce may make false domestic violence allegations in an effort to gain the upper hand in the divorce and/or child custody proceedings.
  • When a domestic violence call is made to the police, responding officers are obligated to arrest one or both parties, and a protection order will automatically be imposed on the person accused of domestic violence.
  • Should a person be officially charged with domestic violence, he will not only have to endure a criminal court case, which can damage his reputation and possibly his career, but he will also have to endure a civil court case for his divorce or family law case; domestic violence charges or allegations can seriously damage his credibility in civil court.

At Mike Hulen, PC, our Colorado domestic violence and family law attorneys have years of experience and a proven track record of success when it comes to dealing with complicated and delicate matters of family law cases. Whether you are going through a divorce or dealing with matters of child custody, our trusted lawyers can help you mitigate any possible complications that domestic violence charges may engender. While we are fiercely dedicated to upholding our Clients’ rights in any necessary legal setting, our Colorado family lawyers are also committed to helping our Clients achieve the best possible resolutions to their cases so they can focus on the future.

Protecting Your Rights in Domestic Violence and Family Law Cases

While domestic violence is often thought to be associated with physical abuse, the law does, in fact, have a broader definition of what is considered to be domestic violence, and this definition can encompass making threats against an intimate partner, intimidating or coercing an intimate partner and/or damaging an intimate partner’s property. In cases in which some type of verbal abuse (rather than physical abuse) has been alleged, the situation can be more complex, as these cases often become incidents of “he said” versus “she said.” This means that the party to appears to be more credible will often be the party with which the court ultimately sides.

In such cases, it will be crucial that the accused works with the skilled Colorado family lawyers at Mike Hulen, PC, as we can help uncover possibly false allegations and defend the rights of the accused in family court.

If you are facing a domestic violence allegations that is compounding your family law case, contact our trusted Colorado family lawyers at (303) 932-8666. We can provide you with experienced legal advice and guidance that will give you optimal chances of obtaining the best possible outcomes to your family law cases.