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Colorado Divorce Lawyers

The decision to go through with a divorce can come after a potentially long and painful journey, during which couples may try everything to make their marriage work; however, when married couples choose divorce, oftentimes this arduous journey will continue through divorce legal proceedings, as emotions can run at a feverish pitch when it comes to determining how assets will be split, along with matters of alimony, child custody and child support. What can further complicate matters is the fact that divorce proceedings are typically associated with complex legal processes, and failing to strictly follow these processes can, in the worst cases, delay these proceedings, cost one party significantly more money and/or cause one party to lose his ground over issues of child custody, child support and alimony (also known as maintenance) payments.

At Mike Hulen, PC, our experienced Colorado divorce attorneys are skilled at handling all matters of divorce proceedings while ardently standing up for our Clients’ rights and interests. We can help provide divorcing parties with sound legal advice regarding the best manner in which to move forward while also offering fierce legal representation in mediation, arbitration and possibly courtroom proceedings. Our primary goal is to help our Clients resolve their divorce cases as efficiently and favorably as possible so they can concentrate on moving forward to the next chapter of their lives.

Colorado Divorce Laws

Divorce laws are governed differently from state to state in the U.S., and in Colorado, the only grounds for divorce are “irretrievable breakdown” of the marriage, which means that there is no possibility of the married couple being able to reconcile. The reason that this is the only grounds for divorce in Colorado is because the state is a “no fault” divorce state; consequently, any alleged transgressions conducted by one or both parties during the marriage (i.e., adultery, drug or alcohol addiction, etc.) will not factor in to whether the divorce is granted and how the court ultimately chooses to divvy up the marital assets and/or grant maintenance payments.

Other elements of Colorado divorce laws include:

  • Residency requirements: At least one of the divorcing parties has to have lived in Colorado for at least 90 days before being able to file for divorce in the state.
  • Property not considered to be marital assets: While most property or assets acquired during the marriage can be subject to being divided between divorcing parties, some assets will not be subject to this division; specifically, assets acquired prior to the marriage or following legal separation, inherited or gifted assets and assets that have been specifically protected via a legal agreement (i.e., a prenuptial agreement) will not be considered for division during divorce proceedings.
  • Alimony or maintenance payments: Whether short- or long-term alimony payments are ordered for one of the divorcing parties will depend on the economic status of both divorcing parties, as well as the length of the marriage and the standard of living established during it.
  • Child custody and child support payments: When it comes to issues of child custody and child support, the courts will typically make decisions that are in the best interest of a child’s health, well being and future.

If you are considering filing for divorce, contact our trusted Colorado divorce lawyers at (303) 932-8666. We can provide you with experienced legal advice and guidance that will give you optimal chances of obtaining the best possible outcomes to your divorce case.