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Colorado Child Custody Lawyers

Matters of child custody are highly complex legal cases that are often compounded by intense emotions between future ex-spouses who are already likely in conflict over other matters. This combination of volatile factors can make it especially difficult for both parties of a divorce to come to a child custody agreement without having to go through mediation or court proceedings, both of which can draw out the duration and increase the cost of child custody cases.

The Colorado child custody attorneys at Mike Hulen, PC are highly experienced at handling child custody cases, and our vast legal knowledge of these family law cases allows us to consistently help our clients resolve their child custody cases as efficiently and beneficially as possible. Whether you are just going through a divorce and trying to resolve matters of child custody for the first time, you are trying to appeal prior determinations in a child custody cases, or you are trying to collect child support from a delinquent parent, our Colorado child custody lawyers will work relentlessly to assert our Clients’ and their children’s best interests in order to try to achieve the best possible outcome to these cases.

Child Custody Rulings – What Factors into Child Custody Determinations?

While divorcing parents have the right to come to a child custody agreement on their own, these matters will be referred to court in the more than likely event that no agreement can be reached. Before a judge rules on the matter, he will typically turn the case over to mediation, a process of resolving disputes that gives the parties in conflict more control over the possible agreement while reducing the costs of the process; however, if no child custody agreement is achieved through mediation, these matters will then go to court where a family court judge will make the final determination.

When it comes to making decisions regarding child custody, judges will take all of the following into consideration:

  • The child’s preferences for custody (when they are based on reasonable requests)
  • The parents’ preferences for custody
  • Whether either parent has a criminal record, including a record of abuse or domestic violence, and/or a history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Whether either parent has a history of any other mental or emotional issues
  • The child’s relationships with friends, other family members and his community (which also goes hand-in-hand with the considerations of possibly having to adjust to a new school, new community and new friends)
  • How far the parents live from each other

If you are facing matters associated with child custody, contact our trusted Colorado child custody lawyers at (303) 932-8666. We can provide you with experienced legal advice and guidance that will give you optimal chances of obtaining the best possible outcomes to your child custody issues.