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Modifying Your Colorado Child Support Orders

Raising a child as a single parent after divorce can be a challenging process. Colorado has worked to ensure that the child support received will satisfy the costs of raising a child until the age of 19, unless otherwise determined. Since the financial situation of one or both parents can change once the order is made, it is possible to modify the terms of child support in Colorado.

If both parents reach a mutual agreement to modify the order, they can simply request for a judge to approve the change. However, if neither party can negotiate a new amount, the request to adjust the child support terms can be brought to Court. There are two types of modification: Temporary and Permanent.Child support payment

Temporary modifications are based on emergency situations such as:

  • A child’s medical emergency
  • Financial or medical hardship
  • The payer’s inability to meet the amount ordered

Permanent modifications can be requested if:

  • Either parent becomes unemployed or disabled
  • The cost of living increases and the amount no longer covers the child’s needs
  • Child support laws change

If one of these situations arise, it’s important to take action immediately. Don’t delay in modifying your child support orders. The process has the potential to be lengthy and you can be responsible for what you didn’t pay even if you were unemployed. Working with experienced family law attorneys can help protect you.

What Protection Does Child Support Offer?

Parents on both end of the spectrum are protected against the abuse of child support:

  • Some parents are worried that their ex may purposefully leave their job to have their child support order modified on the basis of unemployment. Colorado law protects single parents from those trying to manipulate the system, as both parents are required employment to the best of their abilities. Thus, quitting a job will not be a basis to modify an order.
  • There is also protection for the non-custodial parent. Often times there is a change in parenting plans and visitations. If this is the case and the child begins living with the non-custodial parent, he or she has the right to request a downward modification since the child has essentially changed custody.

 How to Get the Terms You Deserve

Whether you’re seeking child support or looking to modify the terms of an existing agreement, it’s essential that you are getting the benefits that you deserve. Our trusted family law attorneys from Mike Hulen, PC work to protect both the payer and recipient of child support. Increase the best possible outcome of your case by contacting our Colorado family lawyers at (303) 932-8666.