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Family law cases are rarely simple or straightforward, as they often involve some of the people and things that are most precious to a person; because divorces and child custody cases can result in the painful reallocation of one’s home, bank account and even one’s children, emotions can easily run high, and these cases can quickly turn ugly when/if conflicting parties attack each other’s character in an effort to gain an upper hand in the case. In such trying times, having a skilled, compassionate family law attorney arguing for your interests can help not only resolve the case as favorably as possible, but it can also help do so efficiently, which can save you a significant amount of money, time, stress and possibly further pain.

At Mike Hulen, PC, our Colorado family lawyers are experienced at handling various matters of family law, and we are firmly dedicated to defending our Clients’ interests in mediation and in the courtroom. While we are adept at working with attorneys that represent an ex-spouse or other former family member, we are also fierce litigators who are not afraid to stand up to opposing counsel, should the conflicting party prove to be unreasonable or uncompromising. Our Colorado family law attorneys understand how distressful and unnerving these cases can be, and our primary goal is to help our Clients resolve their cases as efficiently and advantageously as possible so that they can focus on moving on with their lives.

Our Experience Can Help You

When it comes to dealing with matters of family law, having an experienced legal professional handling your case can make a dramatic difference in its outcome; our experience allows us to effectively litigate against opposing attorneys while being proficient at defending your interests in and outside of the courtroom. Some of the practice areas that our Colorado family lawyers are proficient at handling include (but are not limited to):

If you are facing any family law matter, contact our trusted Colorado family law attorneys at (303) 932-8666. We can provide you with experienced legal advice and guidance that will give you optimal chances of obtaining the best possible outcome to your family law case.