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Domestic violence is an undoubtedly horrifying experience, and it has ability to impact your life and relationships for years to come. Here at Mike Hulen, we take these cases very seriously and are here to make sure all cases are handled appropriately. However, when dealing with domestic violence in the South Denver metro region, such as Centennial, Colorado, divorces can frequently become complicated. There are many factors involved in making sure both parities are treated with the care they deserve, and with sixty years of combined experience, the lawyers at Mike Hulen, PC can offer you personalized and expert legal representation.

Legal Assistance for Domestic Violence & Divorce

The lawyers at Mike Hulen, PC, are experienced in handling complicated and sensitive divorces. We are very familiar with some common situations that can make domestic violence related divorces difficult to navigate, such as:

  • False domestic violence allegations
  • Local statutes that require an arrest to be made in any allegation of domestic violence
  • Physical, sexual, emotional or psychological abuse

Domestic violence and the complications that arise from it are not limited to any one location. Unfortunately, spousal and child abuse can happen anywhere in the South Denver metro region, from Centinnal, Colorado to smaller cities such as Southglenn and Castlewood. Domestic violence is not just physical abuse; it can also consist of making threats or damaging an intimate partner’s property. In any case of domestic abuse, it’s important to get help as soon as possible and remove yourself from that environment.

We Can Help

If you decide to pursue divorce or mediation related to domestic violence, we can help. We have a proven track of success with domestic violence cases, and will represent you with the utmost of care and respect. We can also help you navigate important decisions involving child custody and child support. Please call us at 303-932-8666 or contact us through our website to find out more about your options for divorce in Centennial, CO.