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Tips on What to Do and What Not to Do When Going Through a Divorce


When going through a divorce, knowing what you should and should not do will be essential to ensuring that you achieve the best possible outcome to your case.

When going through a divorce, knowing what you should and should not do will be essential to ensuring that you achieve the best possible outcome to your case.

Divorce is an extremely stressful and emotionally trying process that, even in the best cases, can incite divorcing parties to breakdown and lose their tempers, as these cases can take months or sometimes even years to resolve. While succumbing to the pressure of divorce is only natural, as such stress for extended periods of time is bound to wear at divorcing parties, it is extremely important that you keep the following in mind as you go through a divorce to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome to the case.

In terms of what you should do while going through a divorce, you SHOULD:

  • Try to be as cooperative as possible with your soon-to-be former spouse (as long as his or her demands are reasonable), as this will look good in the eyes of the court and could help you win favor in terms of child custody agreements (if this is a factor in the divorce). Being cooperative will also be key to achieving an efficient resolution to you divorce case so that you can focus on your future and moving on with your life.
  • Not forget to support your children and try to shield them from any potentially contentious battles that may be occurring in the divorce. While divorcing is difficult for adults, it is far more difficult and emotionally devastating for children.
  • Keep your soon-to-be former spouse informed of where the children will be when they are under your care. This supports the idea of being cooperative and demonstrating to the courts that you have the children’s best interests in mind.
  • Work with an experienced family lawyer to ensure that your rights are fully protected at every stage of the divorce process.

In terms of what you should NOT do when going through a divorce, you shouldn’t immediately plan to relocate to another state or country while divorce proceedings are in progress. While this could seriously affect your potential custody of the children, it will also drag out the divorce case unnecessarily (which can cost you a significant amount of money). Also, do not attempt to hide any of the marital assets or try to give such assets to family members, as this could create grounds for your soon-to-be ex-spouse to claim fraud and drag you back into court at a later point.

Finally, when it comes to going through a divorce, do not try to settle the case without the help of a skilled family lawyer. It’s essential that divorcing parties work with the Colorado family law attorneys at the Law Office of Mike Hulen. For years, we have been successful at helping our Clients negotiate favorable divorce settlements, child custody agreements, alimony payments, etc. Contact us at (303) 932-8666 to learn more about your rights and receive professional advice regarding the best manner in which to proceed with your case.

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