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Child Support Payments – What Should They Include? (Part 1)

When child support payments are part of a divorce settlement, they should include compensation for a child’s basic needs, his health care and his education.

When child support payments are part of a divorce settlement, they should include compensation for a child’s basic needs, his health care and his education.

When parents are divorcing and child support is part of the divorce settlement, the court will review a number of factors when determining who should pay child support and the appropriate amount of these monthly payments. In addition to considering factors like how many children are involved, the court will also take into account the payee’s income, the amount of money necessary to support the child(ren) and the current standard of life the child(ren) has (have). While such factors can dramatically vary the final amount of child support a court orders in a specific case, in general, child support payments will include money to pay for the following:

  • The child’s basic needs – Specifically, basic needs refer to housing, clothing and food for the child. Compensation for basic needs can also be used to cover bills associated with providing housing, such as energy or phone bills.
  • The child’s health care – Divorcing parents will be required to have some form of health insurance for the child. While child support payments can include the cost of providing such health insurance, should the individual paying child support have good health care coverage through, for example, his current employment, then he can continue to cover the child through that policy, and child support payments may not include a chunk of money for other health care coverage. Should there be additional medical costs for out-of-network health care needs or other special medical needs, child support money can be used towards these costs – or both parents may be ordered by the court to split these costs.
  • The child’s education – Attending school, even public school, costs parents money in the form of new books, school supplies, clothing, lunch money, etc. For private schools, the costs increase significantly, as tuition and possibly private tutors may also come into play. Regardless of whether a child attends public or private school, the cost of education should be covered by child support payments.

When it comes to going through a divorce or dealing with any matter of family law, such as child custody or parental rights, do not try to settle the case without the help of a skilled family lawyer. Working with the Colorado family law attorneys at the Law Office of Mike Hulen can be essential to ensuring that your rights are fully protected and that your family law matters are resolved as favorably as possible. For years, we have been successful at helping our Clients negotiate favorable divorce settlements, child custody agreements, alimony payments, etc. Contact us at (303) 932-8666 to learn more about your rights and receive professional advice regarding the best manner in which to proceed with your case.

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