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An Overview of Parental Visitation Rights (Part 1)

Having an understanding of parental visitation rights can give parents more insight as to when to petition for a change in visitation.

Having an understanding of parental visitation rights can give parents more insight as to when to petition for a change in visitation.

One of the most contentious elements of divorce or family law proceedings often involves child custody issues and parental visitation rights. While such matters can drag out divorce proceedings for months when separating partners are unable to come to an agreement (or when they make criminal allegations against each other), parental visitation rights may also become a point of contention well after a divorce is settled when one party seeks to make a change to the current visitation agreement.

The following are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding parental visitation rights. Having an understanding of these custody and visitation issues can give parents more insight as to when to petition for a change in visitation and what to expect when such a petition is made.

  • What does “reasonable visitation” mean?

    Reasonable visitation means that parents are entrusted with the responsibility of working out visitation between themselves. While one parent will be given primary custody, with reasonable visitation, both parents are given the freedom to work around their respective schedules to coordinate the best time for visitation to the other parent (although it’s important to note that the parent with primary custody will have more power/the final word in deciding when visitation occurs). In the eyes of the court, reasonable visitation is the optimal choice in cases when both parents can cooperate with each other.

    However, should the parent with primary custody maliciously prevent the other parent from visitation with his or her children, or should a judge grant reasonable visitation in a case when it’s very unlikely that parents will be able to cooperate, it will be essential for the parent not receiving his or her entitled visitation to petition the family court for a change to the visitation agreement.

Colorado Family Law Attorneys

When it comes to going through a divorce, battling for child custody or dealing with any matter of family law, such as parental visitation rights, do not try to settle the case without the help of a skilled family lawyer. Working with the Colorado family law attorneys at the Law Office of Mike Hulen can be essential to ensuring that your rights are fully protected and that your family law matters are resolved as favorably as possible. For years, we have been successful at helping our Clients negotiate favorable divorce settlements, child custody agreements, alimony payments, etc. Contact us at (303) 932-8666 to learn more about your rights and receive professional advice regarding the best manner in which to proceed with your case.

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