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Are you considering filing for a divorce in Lone Tree, CO? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Mike Hulen, PC, has extensive experience working with various aspects of family law in this South Denver metro region community. Does your divorce case involve any of the following factors?

If it does, consider giving Mike Hulen a call to learn more about your options for divorce in Lone Tree, CO.

Child Custody Options

As you go through your divorce proceedings, it’s important to consider what’s in the best interest of any children who are involved in the separation. The trusted divorce lawyers at Mike Hulen make sure to take each family’s individual needs into account in any case, and that means we have experience with a whole range of custody options. We’ve already mentioned cross state and third-party custody. These are just a few of the other possibilities to consider as you think about what is best for your children in light of your relationship with your spouse coming to a close. Consider also:

You may also want to think about grandparents’ rights in situations where your or your former spouse’s parents have played an important role in your children’s lives. Although research as shown that sometimes children through a divorce are more likely to fail academically, develop behavioral and physiological problems and fall into depression, working with a lawyer who holds your child’s best interests at heart is an important step towards providing a smooth transition for youngsters.

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Heritage Hills and Bluff Regional Park in Lone Tree, CO are only a few of the many regions that we represent. If you live in Lone Tree or any other city or municipality in the South Denver metro area and want to learn more about divorce and child custody options, please contact us today for a free initial consultation.