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Complex Custody Options in Castle Rock

We at Mike Hulen, PC, pride ourselves on our diverse service offerings related to family law, divorce, and child custody cases. If your family is undergoing a divorce in Castle Rock or elsewhere in the South Denver metro region, read on to find out how our experience and care and help you navigate a complex custody case.

“Complex custody” is exactly what it sounds like: a child custody agreement that contains complicating factors, making a legal solution more difficult than if local parents agree to share custody of a child. Some things that can turn a custody case into a complex custody case include:

These kinds of cases can be hard to deal with both emotionally and legally. At Mike Hulen, PC, however, we can help ease that legal burden. We know this is a difficult time for all parties involved, including the child, and we will work to get what is best for you in the courtroom. However, if both parties decide they prefer not to go to court, a mediation process can be a solid alternative option, and we are available to assist on that front, too.

Divorce and Custody Decisions in Castle Rock

If both parents claim child custody, it can easily become a complex custody case. Here at Mike Hulen, we understand that each family presents a unique set of circumstances. In each and every child custody case stemming from divorce, we examine:

  • An evaluation of each parent, such as medical, physiological and personal issues
  • Parents’ work and daily schedules, as well as military obligations
  • The child’s input, and his/her preferences
  • Sibling attachment
  • Parental finances

Working with mediation or in the courtroom, we focus on helping families sort out a wise custody agreement in the best interest of the child. From the meadows in Castle Rock, Colorado, and all throughout the South Denver metro region, we help to present your case in court for child custody.

Learn More About Colorado Divorce and Custody

We are experienced and ready to help you with your complex custody case in all areas of the South Denver metro region, including Castle Rock, CO. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced divorce and family lawyers.