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How a Denver Divorce Lawyer Can Keep Your Career on Track

When you’re going through a divorce, you’ve got a lot on your mind: alimony, child support, assets, your relationship with your kids, in-laws, etc. On top of all that, you’ve got to keep your career moving. Though your employer may be granting you some leniency during the divorce process, you know that as soon as […]

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The Art of Communication: Talking to Your Spouse Through the Divorce (Part 2)

In our last blog post about communication during a divorce, we touched on three fundamentals to proper communication:  Avoid conversations when either party is emotionally overwhelmed. Schedule conversations in public areas. Talk about the divorce with your children, but not in front of them. If you’ve found these tips helpful, we’d like to encourage you […]

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The Art of Communication: Talking to Your Spouse Through the Divorce (Part 1)

Divorce is never in anybody’s life plan. However, there are some circumstances in which divorce is the only way to move forward with one’s life. In this blog post and the next one, we’re going to cover some communication tactics that you and your spouse can use throughout the divorce process. If you follow these […]

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The Importance of Therapy During & After the Divorce

If you’re currently going through a divorce or will soon be entering into the process, then it’s easy for your thoughts to be consumed by money, assets, your children, legal bills, and everything else. However, once the court case has been closed and the assets distributed, there’s a very important person that you need to […]

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Saving Your Marriage Before Going to a Colorado Divorce Law Firm

Everyday, an average of 56 couples receive a divorce in Colorado. That’s a little more than half of the average number of daily marriages in Colorado – 96. As a Colorado divorce law firm with more than 50 years of experience, we’ve been able to help couples that are dealing with difficult marriages get the […]

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Talking to Your Kids About Divorce in Colorado

Chances are, you already know the statistics about children and divorce; there’s no need for us to rehash them here. Kids who grow up in a ruptured family are said to be at a disadvantage when it comes to the success of their own relationships, as well as the way they think about family and […]

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